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The “Physxcudart_20.dll not found error” usually manifests itself whenever playing certain games such as Borderlands, and using 3d card such as Nvidia . You can try to reload the nividia driver but may not fix the problem. The best solution is to download the Physxcudart_20.dll and install it to the c://windows/system32 folder this should fix the problem .

The reason you are having problems is that you registry is probably corrupt and may have had a virus at some point in time or still has a virus. To clean out your window registry and avoid future Physxcudart_20.dll missing errors run the best registry cleaner in the world here

I you have reason to believe you have a virus thats caused your missing Physxcudart_20.dll file then the best antivirus anti malware available is here

One of the worst Laptop or computer troubles individuals come across tend to be DLL complications which unfortunately show up randomly with an associated program. An acronym for Dynamic Link Library, a DLL file in essence retains instructions of which many different software programs might access dependent upon the purpose which the file defines. As an illustration, a software program may use a particular code from a .DLL file to gain access to the essential memory, track down the default printer or even seek out data coming from a specific database. Or in this case the gaming platform is calling up the Physxcudart_20.dll file for a specific set of library data that can’t be found elsewhere.